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Olivia Munn Strips, Talks Dirty in FHM (photos video)

1Olivia Munn has some advice for guys who think they’re experts on sex. You’re idiots. The undeniably sexy 31-year-old actress has her own ideas about doing the nasty and spells them out in the latest issue of FHM magazine.

The comedic actress, model, television personality and author, who wrote an infamously graphic novel, also isn’t afraid to talk dirty.

“When it comes to sex, I think anyone’s an idiot to say they’re an expert on it. I mean, I have sex, but it’s individual for each person,” she explained.

‘You know, like, guys always have that one f***ing ‘move,’ some stupid sh*t, like putting his thumb in your mouth. And it’s just like, “What are you doing? Who told you this was hot?'” she says.

Check out Olivia’s photos; click to enlarge.


Munn, who grew up mostly in Japan and has a Chinese mother who was raised in Vietnam, thinks humor is the ultimate measure of attractiveness.

“I’d love to date a comedian,” she explained.

“Stand-up comedians are really smart, brilliant people. To make someone genuinely laugh is a very hard task.

“If you have that ability, that means that you have empathy, you can feel things in life. And that’s a very attractive quality in somebody. Those guys are smart.”

Her new book, titled “Suck It, Wonder Woman!: The Misadventures of a Hollywood Geek,” Olivia recounts a relationship with a big director in the least flattering of lights.

The book caused an uproar when the director turned out to be Brett Ratner, 42.

Munn didn’t mince words to describe the time she caught him buzzing off.

“A grown man in an oversized shirt holding his undersized manhood in hands glistening with shrimp fat,” she wrote.

Last summer she was hired as a correspondent on Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show.”

It’s mainly a spoof on the news, although she has journalistic credentials. She worked previously as a sideline reporter for “Fox Sports Net.”

Check out her photos and watch her below.

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