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Lily Rose Depp Loses Top in Vogue Russia


Lily Rose Depp is following in the footsteps of mom Vanessa Paradis, the French singer and model who was heir to sex siren Brigitte Bardot. Lily, the daughter of actor Johnny Depp, sizzles in Vogue Russia.

(Photo by Boo George for Vogue Russia.

Lily Rose Depp Sexy Sweet (Click Photos to Enlarge!)
LilyRoseDepp-BooGeorge-VogueRussia-06 ThumbLilyRoseDepp-BooGeorge-VogueRussia-05 ThumbLilyRoseDepp-BooGeorge-VogueRussia-04 ThumbLilyRoseDepp-BooGeorge-VogueRussia-03 ThumbLilyRoseDepp-BooGeorge-VogueRussia-02 ThumbLilyRoseDepp-BooGeorge-VogueRussia-01 ThumbLilyRoseDepp-BooGeorge-VogueRussia 10 ThumbLilyRoseDepp-BooGeorge-VogueRussia-09 ThumbLilyRoseDepp-BooGeorge-VogueRussia-08 ThumbLilyRoseDepp-BooGeorge-VogueRussia-07 Thumb