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Lorena Rae Wears Nothing But Flowers


German Model Lorena Rae is just establishing herself in the United States, but she’s already making inroads in fashion. Is it any wonder she caught the eye of actor Leonardo DiCaprio? Check out her photos by Lina Tesch.

(Photo by Lina Tesch)

Lorena Rae: Nothing But Flowers
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Lorena Rae Lina Tisch Thumb 06Lorena Rae Lina Tesch Thumb 05Lorena Rae Lina Tesch Thumb 04Lorena Rae Lina Tesch Thumb 03Lorena Rae Lina Tesch Thumb 02Lorena Rae Lina Tesch Thumb 01Lorena Rae Lina Tisch Thumb 09Lorena Rae Lina Tisch Thumb 08Lorena Rae Lina Tisch Thumb 07