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Rihanna Raunchy Brit Awards Show Riles UK (watch)

Rihanna Raunchy Brit Awards Show Riles UK (watch) 1Rihanna was reportedly miffed when the Brit Awards, the UK equivalent of the Grammys, told her to change the racy lyrics of her song for a televised performance. But the singer got even.

The 23-year-old singer was reportedly given “strict instructions” to tone down the lyrics of her song, which was broadcast on the awards show via a live feed from the O2 Arena where she was performing.

She changed the offending verse:

“Sex in the air, I don’t care

I love the smell of it.”

But she didn’t change her racy costume, which drew howls of protest from some viewers.

Awards show producers should have known better.

She caused a similar uproar along with Christina Aguilera for over-the-top performances on the UK show, “The X Factor,” which drew a rebuke from UK censors.

Her video for the song has been banned by Britain’s national Radio 1 and by 11 other countries, because, among other things, Rihanna sucks a banana and flaunts bondage gear, according to London’s Daily Mail.

For the performance, Rihanna cast off a red cape and hood and was dressed in a tight body suit with a neckline that plunged to her naval. Check out the performance below.

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